The Slab Hut
PO Box 284, Orbost, Victoria, Australia 3888

Research Request

Download Research Request Form

The Orbost Historical Society undertakes limited research in response to written inquiries.
Requests are normally held for a minimum of one month to allow them to be considered at
a monthly meeting of the Historical Society and will be dealt with in order of receipt.
In order to maintain this service it is necessary to charge a research fee of $15.00 which
is payable on the lodgement of this form. Should our research take longer than one hour further fees may be incurred to cover cost  of postage and photocopying.
Photograph copying prices: 150 x 105 = $5 210 x 150 = $6.50 300 x 210 = $13.00
E-mail: $2 connection fee plus … 150 x 105 = $2 210 x 150 = $4 300 x 210 = $8
We thank you for your enquiry and hope to be in touch with you as soon as possible.